Product News: UVP Announces Release of the iBox® Explorer™ Fluorescence Imaging Microscope at Neuroscience 2010

08 Nov 2010

The iBox Explorer is unique in its ability to micro image cells and organs subcutaneously and within the body cavity of living mice. The iBox Explorer operates through its intuitive software control using optical configurations that are parcentered and parfocal, allowing seamless imaging through the magnification ranges.

This system includes a leading-edge high frame rate cooled color camera with technology that enables quick detection, image capture and high throughput. Applications of the iBox Explorer include imaging whole organs, tumor/host margins and interactions, tumor micro environment, vasculature, and micro metastases. The iBox Explorer joins UVP's whole mouse imagers iBox Scienta and iBox Spectra in revolutionizing in vivo fluorescent imaging.

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