Product News: UV-Transparent, Disposable Cuvettes Replace Quartz Cuvettes

18 Mar 2015

BRAND is world-renowned as the producer of premium disposable UV-Cuvettes.  They are a popular alternative to quartz spectrophotometry cuvettes, and are excellent for DNA, RNA, protein analysis, and many other applications between 230-900nm.  BRAND UV-Cuvettes are more convenient and more economical than quartz cuvettes, and are made of the highest quality virgin resins for the highest optical quality.  They eliminate the risk of cross-contamination from reuse, and the need for cuvette washing.  The proprietary material offers superior chemical compatibility than conventional plastic cuvettes.  In addition, they fit most commercial spectrophotometers and photometers without the need for special adapters.  PS and PMMA cuvettes are also available for applications above 300nm. 

The following testimonial from Ms. Lisa Miller of the University of Nevada School of Medicine, Department of physiology and Cell Biology, and member of the Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network, shows how perfectly BRAND UV-Cuvettes have worked for her!

"I ordered a box of your disposable UV microcuvettes... I checked their reliability first with serial dilutions of known concentrations of RNA and DNA, and have been using them to measure A260 and A260/280 values in order to calculate concentration and purity of nucleic acids in solution.

To put it briefly: I think this product is one of the best products introduced in the last couple of years. We had given up on spectrophotometric quantitation of nucleic acids because using a tiny reusable quartz cuvette was time-consuming and unreliable (we couldn't count on the previous user to clean the cuvette properly, if at all)."