Product News: Using peptide-based T cell activation assays to identify COVID-19 epitopes

Read this application note to discover how T cell activation assays can help accelerate COVID-19 vaccine development

07 Sep 2020

T-cell activation

As a global pandemic, COVID-19 has completely uprooted our way of life due to the devastating effects of its infection. The race to find an efficacious vaccine has become the top priority for leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide. With these daunting studies, it is important that researchers can find reliable peptides for their T-cell activation assays.

The fast-moving efforts of better understanding immune response to COVID-19 and vaccine development is needed to combat the current crisis. In particular, peptide production is a roadblock that can be overcome by a range of different methods including outsourcing and better bioinformatics tools.

This application note by GenScript covers:

  • How the structure of coronaviruses of the past could lead to the treatment of the future
  • The use of T cell activation assays to confirm immunity in COVID-19 patients
  • Using T-cell activation assays to determine epitopes for vaccine development against COVID-19

Download this application note to learn about the role of T cell activation assays for both confirming immunity in COVID-19 patients and determining top epitope candidates for vaccine development>>