Product News: Tosoh Bioscience at AACC Clinical Lab Expo

23 Jul 2015

The AACC 2015 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA, will be an exciting event for Tosoh Bioscience, (Booth #824), as the company plans to preview new products and provide live demonstrations during the Clinical Lab Expo.

This year Tosoh will be at the following AACC events:

  • The New Product Review will include the recently cleared ST AIA-PACK SHBG and the next generation of our HPLC systems which are pending FDA review and clearance.
  • Poster Exhibit Hall, conveniently located next to the Tosoh booth will have posters featuring Tosoh products.


ST AIA-PACK SHBG is designed for In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only for the quantitative measurement of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) in human serum or sodium heparinized plasma on all of our Tosoh AIA Analyzers.

SHBG is a glycoprotein that binds to the two sex hormones: androgen and estrogen. Androgens (e.g. Testosterone) and Estrogens (e.g. Estradiol) circulate in the bloodstream, bound mostly to SHBG. Only a very small fraction (approx. 1-2%) is unbound, or "free," and thus biologically active. SHBG inhibits the function of these hormones. Thus, bioavailability of sex hormones is influenced by the level of SHBG.

 SHBG is widely measured together with testosterone assays to calculate the “Free Androgen Index” (FAI), the ratio of the total testosterone level derived by the SHBG level.

FAI is known as a useful indicator to determine abnormal androgen status.

Utilizing Tosoh’s unit dose test cup reagent technology, ST AIA-PACK SHBG has an

  • Assay time of ~18 minutes
  • Assay range of 0.2 to 250 nmol/L
  • 90 days calibration stability makes it feasible to run this test even with low volumes