Product News: Torx Software Limited unveils molecule life cycle platform

Advancements empower chemistry teams in DMTA cycle

22 Aug 2023

Torx® Software Limited has announced the release of Torx 2.0, extending the platform’s scientific reach and capabilities to deliver unrivalled seamless integration across the drug discovery Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) cycle.

Torx is a cloud-native platform that caters to chemistry teams by providing a visual interface. It facilitates molecule design, compound synthesis tracking, and insightful analysis, fostering collaborative efforts and accelerating discovery chemistry processes. Notable features of Torx 2.0 include a comprehensive overview of test requests across various departments, an enhanced interface for managing synthetic chemistry workloads, covalent docking capabilities for diversified projects, integration with CAS SciFinder for streamlined feasibility assessments, and seamless consolidation of data from multiple corporate repositories. This integration empowers medicinal chemists with comprehensive insights for informed decision-making and smooth progression within the drug development cycle.

Dr. Tim Cheeseright, CEO, Torx Software, said,“Torx is an unrivalled DMTA solution for managing the complete molecule life cycle in a single platform, from ideation to synthesis, testing and data analysis. By integrating Torx into their drug discovery programs, research chemists can work collaboratively to design, review, prioritize and schedule all parts of the complex drug design process; and research managers are able to better plan, manage and track their DMTA workflows across all R&D projects.”

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