Product News: TOC Analysis at the Highest Level with the Focus Radiation NDIR Detector from Analytik Jena

16 Sep 2013

The best TOC analyzer isn’t worth its money, if detection problems have to be faced. For this reason Analytik Jena has introduced the unique new corrosion-resistant Focus Radiation NDIR detector for its multi N/C® series, which ensures reliable results and high stability.

With this detector assembly the IR radiation is focused onto a micro detector with the help of integrated optics. Thus, radiation density surpasses classical detectors many times. There are no energy losses like known by corrosion-prone reflection detectors. Thus, higher sensitivity and long term stability are the brand marks of the Focus Radiation NDIR detector.

This is achieved also by the use of completely corrosion-free materials for the gas cuvette, for optimal protection from aggressive samples. Latest technologies, such as the electronically pulsed radiation source, are replacing classical mechanical movable components, which are prone to failure. No time-consuming detector maintenance is necessary, longer service life is achieved and operating costs are reduced clearly.

Since the Focus Radiation NDIR is a wide range detector, it provides highest working comfort. Samples in a TOC concentration range from 0–30.000 mg/L can be run undiluted. For solid applications up to 500 mg of carbon can be measured within the linear working range of the detector. The modern multiWin® software, working with a full automatic calibration range selection for optimal measurement signal evaluation, truly prepares you for any TOC sample entering your lab.

TOC analysis at the highest level – that’s working with an extremely robust and high-sensitive wide range NDIR detector, that’s working with multi N/C®!