Product News: Thermo Scientific Athena Software offers centralized management and collaboration for image-based scientific research

Innovative platform ensures traceability of materials research images, data, metadata and experimental workflows

26 Jan 2021

Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of the world leaders in serving science, has unveiled Thermo Scientific Athena Software, a premium platform that simplifies the management, traceability and sharing of data for core imaging facilities dedicated to materials science research. Athena ensures that experiment data from multiple imaging instruments can be accessed at every step of a workflow, remotely and in the lab. This facilitates collaboration among researchers from multiple locations and organizations.

As advancements in scientific imaging enable more complex experiments, the growing volumes of data collected can be difficult to manage. Elaborate post-processing steps are often difficult to adjust or replicate for current and future experiments. By digitizing scientific research projects and centralizing data management, the Athena platform addresses findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable (FAIR) data principles, and allows researchers at core imaging facilities to store, reproduce and access experimental workflows.  

"By providing full workflow traceability and reinforcing collaboration, our Athena platform will help maximize the impact of scientific breakthroughs and provide a solid foundation for future research," said Albine Roy-Contancin, vice president of visualization sciences business at Thermo Fisher. "We are solving the problem of data management and simplifying access to experiment results at every stage of a workflow."

With the Athena platform, core imaging facilities can give materials scientists access to centralized imaging data via a secure, intuitive interface. Researchers can digitally plan and organize experiments, locate specific information via a search engine, and quickly visualize large volumes of high-quality 2D and 3D data. Built-in collaboration tools, such as annotations, notes and instant message features, facilitate real-time communication between multiple users.

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