Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific Opens U.S. Precision Medicine Science Center

Supports development of analytical workflows to generate precise molecular profiles of patients

07 Jun 2018

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., a  world  leader  in  serving  science,  has officially  opened its  U.S. Precision Medicine Science Center (PMSC) in Cambridge, Mass. The Center offers access to advanced “omics” technologiesand expertise to help collaborators develop analytical workflows that generate precise molecular profiles of patients. This information will ultimately be used in clinical settings to more effectively treat disease.In addition to providing access to the industry’s most advanced analytical technologies, the PMSC’s team of  in-house scientists helps  partners  develop  standard  protocols  that  enable  them  to compress  R&D  timelines and quickly progress from biomarker discovery to assay development. The team includes Thermo Fisher experts in biochemistry, mass spectrometry, molecular biology and data science.

“For  health  and  science  innovators,  a  bottleneck  exists  today  between  the  discovery  of  biomarkers  and  their  widespread  use  at  the  point  of  care,”  said  Emily  Chen,  senior  director,  Thermo  Fisher  Precision  Medicine  Science  Center.  “Our goal  at  the  PMSC  is  to  remove that  bottleneck  and  help  scientists  and  physicians reduce the time it takes to demonstrate clinic validity and utility.”

“Precision medicine needs to be based on high-quality data, and proteomics is central to that,” said PMSC collaborator Jennifer Van Eyk, PhD, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. “Our work with the team at the PMSC is helping us accelerate the important journey from discovery to patient care.”  

The  PMSC  offers  access  to  advanced technologies  spanning genomic,  proteomic  and  metabolomic  analysis.  From  analyzing genomic  data  with  next-generation sequencers  to  identifying proteins  and  metabolites using advanced mass spectrometry, collaborators can rapidly move from research to clinical workflow development. With support from the PMSC, scientists can:

  • Put complex analytical technologies at the center of simplified workflows
  • Generate reproducible research with an emphasis on scalability and, ultimately, clinical utility
  • Enable processes that produce the highest quality data, consistently
  • Change the culture of method sharing so a larger community can benefit
  • Overcome lack of technical expertise as a barrier to discovery by quickly accessing the best tools and skillsets needed

In  2017,  Thermo  Fisher  opened  its  Precision  Medicine Science  Center  in  Guangzhou,  China.  Like  the  PMSC,  the  Guangzhou  Center  serves  as  a  hub  for  partners  seeking  to  establish  standardized  precision  medicine platforms as well as for joint research and development.

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