Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific launches Thermo Scientific SpeedVac refrigerated vacuum concentrator

25 Aug 2021

The Thermo Scientific SpeedVac Refrigerated Vacuum Concentrator is the first in the company’s SpeedVac line to maintain the temperature of heat sensitive samples, such as proteins, without having to pause the vacuum concentration process to allow for sample cooling. This feature safeguards against sample degradation, which can incur additional costs when researchers need to reproduce samples and perform subsequent runs.  

The SpeedVac portfolio offers vacuum and heat technologies for removing solvents and concentrating samples while maintaining their integrity. With the ability to protect heat sensitive samples, the SpeedVac Refrigerated Vacuum Concentrator enables proteomics research in areas such as stem cells, COVID-19, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Key Applications

Heat sensitive applications including cell and gene therapy development, proteomics, enzyme development, metabolites, extracting RNA from samples, DNA and forensics. 

Features & Benefits

  • Improved sample protection: Maintains temperature of heat sensitive samples ranging from -4°C to 100°C. Preferred over freeze drying, which can interfere with the sample’s integrity. 
  • Enhanced flexibility: Controls chamber temperature post-processing to reduce need for sample monitoring.  
  • Dependable data: Preset function enables reproducible results, even with multiple users. 
  • Simplified operation: Intuitive user interface provides seamless operation.  
  • Sustainable: All Thermo Scientific SpeedVac products are F-Gas compliant. 

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