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Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces groundbreaking mass spectrometer to revolutionize biological discovery

Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Astral mass spectrometer combines high resolution and speed to accelerate the discovery of new proteins and advance precision medicine

05 Jun 2023

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO), a world leader in serving science, has unveiled the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ Astral™ mass spectrometer, one of the most significant advancements in mass spectrometry in 15 years. The new Astral analyzer combines fast throughput, high sensitivity and deep proteome coverage to allow researchers worldwide to uncover proteins that previously evaded detection and make breakthrough discoveries more efficiently than ever. Researchers can use this information to identify new clinical biomarkers, reveal diseases earlier and develop new interventions for everything from cardiovascular disease to cancer.

“Continuing our strong track record of high impact innovation, this remarkable advancement will enable key scientific breakthroughs that will allow our customers to develop new, targeted therapies for a range of diseases,” said Marc N. Casper, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We are proud to launch this cutting-edge technology as it will meaningfully contribute to the success of researchers around the globe working to make precision medicine a reality.”

Advances in genomics have led to valuable insights into disease. Proteomics expands on this research by adding new understandings of complex and dynamic cellular-level processes that can lead to the development of new drugs and diagnostics that have a material impact on human health.

The new Astral analyzer builds on Thermo Fisher’s proven Orbitrap mass spectrometry platform with novel technology to deliver up to two times deeper proteome coverage and up to four times more throughput compared to current mass spectrometers.

“One of the biggest challenges we face studying the human proteome is having too many samples to measure and not enough time,” said Michael MacCoss, professor of genome sciences at the University of Washington. “The Orbitrap Astral mass spectrometer is a true gamechanger, offering an unrivaled combination of sensitivity, dynamic range and speed that doesn’t compromise accurate and precise quantitation. With this instrument, we can deliver on the promise of precision medicine much sooner.”

Thermo Fisher will showcase the Orbitrap Astral mass spectrometer at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) annual conference from June 3-8, 2023, in Houston, Texas, at the George R. Brown Convention Center and at the Hilton Americas-Houston Lanier Grand Ballroom A, B, C. The Orbitrap Astral mass spectrometer together with additional new products being introduced at ASMS create a next generation, end-to-end solution for proteomics that enables the analysis of large cohorts, powering the study of proteomics at a scale previously only obtainable by genomics.

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