Product News: The power of next-generation point of care (POC) diagnostics

Managing the respiratory season at the patient’s side in minutes

11 Jan 2023

The power of next generation point of care (POC) diagnostics
The recent Lancet study, ‘The silent and dangerous inequity around access to COVID-19 testing’ noted that POC rapid antigen tests are one of the most promising tools to increase access to testing.1

The need for increased access to immediate diagnostics and care has never been highlighted more than during the pandemic. And one by-product of the pandemic has been the adoption of innovative testing technologies, including next-generation rapid antigen tests.  Delivering accurate and fast results, they have transformed the way we can deliver health care at the point of need.

PCR vs Antigen Tests

Laboratory-run PCR tests are expensive, may take days to run and require skilled labour to perform, whereas rapid antigen tests are timely and circumvent the “persistent positive” results common to PCR tests, which indicate an infection for an extended period even when the person is likely no longer contagious.2-5

The LumiraDx Platform

At LumiraDx, they are helping to transform the community-based healthcare landscape by providing fast and accurate diagnostic information to clinician’s at the point of need, enabling better medical decisions and improved patient outcomes at a much lower cost.

The power of next generation point of care (POC) diagnostics
The LumiraDx Platform

By harnessing the power of actively controlled microfluidic technology, the one-stop LumiraDx Platform has placed a portfolio of tests at this point of need. The Platform delivers real-time, accurate, actionable results in minutes, including tests that can detect: COVID-19, COVID-19 & Flu A/B, COVID-19 & RSV and CRP.

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Thinking about respiratory season

As we manage the respiratory season through the winter months the causes and types of RTIs are wide and can be difficult to discriminate by symptoms alone and the rapid identification of the underlying cause of respiratory illness is key.

The LumiraDx Platform helps to accurately detect and differentiate between multiple respiratory viruses in minutes on one, easy to use, portable Instrument with one simple and intuitive workflow.


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