Product News: The Omega Series Microplate Reader with ACU Feature: The Complete and Individual Control of O2 and CO2

21 Sep 2011

BMG LABTECH is pleased to introduce the Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) - a complete solution for fully regulated independent control of both oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels within the multimode microplate reader. This feature is available over the entire range of BMG LABTECH Omega microplate readers.The microprocessor controlled ACU offers dual independent control of both gases within the microplate reading chamber.

The microprocessor controlled unit can regulate CO2 (0 - 20%) and O2 (1 - 19%) independently, making it unnecessary to change gas cylinders or piped gas supplies to reproduce certain physiological conditions needed for cell-based assays. When used in combination with the Omega’s other features such as extended temperature control up to 65°C and shaking (orbital, double orbital and linear), users can reproduce most physiological conditions making cell-based assays more biologically relevant.

The Omega series of microplate readers can measure multiple detection modes including Fluorescence Polarization (FP), Fluorescence Intensity, Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), TR-FRET, AlphaTechnologies®, High-Performance Luminescence and UV/Vis spectrometer based absorbance. Applications can be run in a dedicated mode or a combination of all modes to acquire all the data needed in a single experiment. The multimode capabilities, together with the Atmospheric Control Unit ,are especially advantageous for a variety of applications including Mammalian Cell Assays, Stem Cell Assays, Hypoxia, Cell Viability, Cell Proliferation, Migration Studies, Invasion Assays, Intracellular pH, Angiogenesis, Ischemia / Reperfusion, and many more.

With the incorporation of the ACU into an Omega microplate reader, extended cell based experiments can now be performed without user intervention, providing a true 'walk away' assay solution and an innovative, flexible, gas control system.

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