Product News: The new VANTAstar: microplate reading, made easy

08 Feb 2022

BMG LABTECH has introduced the new VANTAstar™ microplate reader, further expanding its range of instruments. The latest addition to the BMG LABTECH portfolio, the VANTAstar, was conceived for ease-of-use and flexibility for a wide range of applications in basic research and life sciences.

The VANTAstar was officially introduced to public at the SLAS 2022 conference and exhibition in Boston, USA.

Flexible microplate reader with simplified workflows

The VANTAstar is a compact multi-mode microplate reader and is equipped with three features that enable an effortless detection setup and improve data quality: Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) technology, a rapid full-plate auto-focus and automatic luminescence cross-talk reduction.

The EDR technology grants a dynamic range spanning over 8 concentration decades in a single measurement, significantly simplifying sensitivity settings and making gain adjustments superfluous. With EDR every plate is automatically read with a setting that provides the best sensitivity with no manual intervention.

The VANTAstar incorporates a rapid, full plate auto-focus for both top and bottom reading in all plate formats up to 384 wells. Combined with EDR, this feature makes detection easier, ensuring every sample on the microplate is automatically detected with the ideal settings without any action prior to the start of measurement.

Data quality in luminescence assays is often negatively affected by signal cross-talk from neighbouring wells. The VANTAstar's cross-talk reduction package automatically reduces non-specific signals reducing data variability, background noise and false positive signals, and thereby improving data quality.

Triple detection technology for all assay needs

To ensure full flexibility, the VANTAstar is equipped with BMG LABTECH`s patented dual LVF Monochromator™ system which ensures the highest wavelength flexibility and best performance in each assay, with filter detection and a UV/vis spectrometer for ultra-fast full absorbance spectra. In addition, the reader can be equipped with Atmospheric Control Unit for physiological cell-based assays and with a reagent dispenser module with up to two injectors, heater and magnetic stirrer plate.

“The VANTAstar offers great value together with the great performance you expect from a BMG LABTECH reader. It is easy to use, does not compromise on flexibility or performance, and comes at a price that makes it accessible to most labs.” said Thomas Räbiger, CEO at BMG LABTECH.

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