Product News: The New Scrubber K-415 for Emission Control

18 Jul 2012

Poisonous fumes can enter the body through the lungs and lead to chemical burns. Therefore, the removal of such fumes by exhaust and neutralization at the source is important and should be considered to be more eco-friendly and guarantee occupational safety.

The new BUCHI Scrubber K-415 is the most flexible gas scrubbing instrument for emission control in analytical laboratories. The unique four step scrubbing system opens up a wide field of applications such as acid digestion, pre-incineration or general synthesis. The apparatus is an exhaust and neutralization instrument that features four cleaning steps: condensation, neutralization, adsorption and reaction.

Environmental protection begins at the individual workplace. In addition to the safe removal of harmful fumes, the tap water consumption is minimized significantly due to the automatic cooling water control.

Highlights of the Scrubber:
1. Easy and safe handline
2. ECO models reduce water consumption
3. Broad range of applications due to the four cleaning steps
4. Increased flexibility with adjustable suctioning