Product News: The new bioinert µ-slides - no adhesion of suspension cells and spheroids

The completely non-adhesive Bioinert surface is now available in a range of ibidi’s most requested µ-Slides, including the µ-Slide 8 Well high

03 Sep 2021

The Bioinert surface is a thin polyol hydrogel layer that is covalently bound to the ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom of the µ-Slide. It does not allow binding of any cells or biomolecules, which makes it superior to standard ultra-low attachment (ULA) products. The stable passivation is maintained for days, or even weeks, which is especially important during long-term experiments. Furthermore, high-resolution microscopy is guaranteed with the flat, thin bottom material and the excellent optical properties of the ibidi Polymer Coverslip.

The ready-to-use Bioinert products combine the highest optical quality with complete surface passivation. They are the ideal solution for all researchers who want to culture cells or cell aggregates without any adhesion to the surface (e.g., suspension cells, spheroids, and embryoid bodies). For controlled cell adhesion, ibidi has also recently launched µ-Slides with µ-Patterns, which have defined adhesion spots surrounded by Bioinert. Adherent cells from a suspension are caught by these spots, leading to spatially controlled cell adhesion.

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