Product News: The Most Flexible Just Got More Flexible

10 Sep 2007

BMG LABTECH announces the new Omega series of multifunctional microplate readers with high resolution, full UV/Vis spectrometer based absorbance. This new line of readers combines all of the speed, sensitivity and flexibility needed for life science applications and research.

The Omega series is made up of four models: the SPECTROstar Omega, a spectrophotometer; the LUMIstar Omega, a luminometer; the FLUOstar Omega, a multimode reader (fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance); and the POLARstar Omega, a multidetection reader with additional simultaneous dual emission and fluorescence polarization mode. Due to the absolute modular concept of the Omega line of readers, the SPECTROstar Omega and the LUMIstar Omega are entirely upgradeable to a multidetection microplate reader whenever the need for fluorescence based experiments arrives.

The Omega readers are fast, reading a 384-well plate in less than 20 seconds. In addition, the Omega series offers a number of outstanding features: integrated injectors with direct access to the measurement position; photometric spectral scans; top and bottom reading; well scanning; temperature control up to 60ºC; shaking; stacker and robot compatibility; and a gas vent connection to support all major types of cell based assays.

Main technical innovations of the new reader series include extensive upgradeability, as well as the capability of capturing a full absorbance spectrum (220-850 nm) at a fantastic resolution of 1 nm. Read times faster than 1 second per well are possible. Furthermore, a new UV-enhanced flashlamp and high speed plate shaking are now available.

The Omega series of microplate readers will be delivered with a new powerful software package, including new proprietary analysis software. This analysis software displays and analyzes endpoint, kinetic and spectral data through comprehensive data reduction algorithms and various curve fitting options. It is compatible with the new Windows Vista operating system and is fully compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11.

For more information please visit the article webpage or contact your local BMG LABTECH distributor.