Product News: The KMF Climate Chamber Properly Loads a Variety of Paper Types

10 Jul 2012

The international organization TAPPI relies on the integrated solution of BINDER climate chambers for paper testing.

TAPPI is a leading non-profit organization for the pulp, paper, packaging and converting industries. The company has set itself the goal of providing solutions that lead to better, faster and more energy-effective ways of doing business through goal-oriented solutions. TAPPI, short for "Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry", was founded in 1915 in the USA and over time has grown into a worldwide organization with several thousand members. Its members include engineers, scientists, managers, academics from around the world.

TAPPI sets standards for the highest quality paper

Among other things, TAPPI's focus is in testing paper for consistency and durability. To accomplish this task, TAPPI works with various standards and guidelines. One of these standards involves testing resistance to ageing, the so-called T544 test. The paper is exposed to high temperatures and humidity. This test simulates long-term archiving of paper to test various types of paper for quality and characteristics. The paper quality then tested and evaluated for properties such as brightness, thickness, opacity, folding endurance and tear resistance. The test results are useful indicators and among other things, help TAPPI members identify suitable materials, develop product innovations and find solutions for specific requirements.

Constant temperatures and humidity ensure accurate test results

The KMF units from BINDER are material test chambers that can be used in many fields of application. The units are equipped with a controller that allows chronological programming. As a result, the samples are continuously exposed to the required temperature and humidity, and must not leave the climate chamber during the test phase. The simulation chamber has a capacitive humidity sensor standard, which also supports the quick response time of the innovative vapor pressure humidification system, which leads to optimal processing of samples and accurate test results. The process is supported by APT.line technology that allows a two-sided, uniform supply of air in the inner chamber. The result is a very gentle circulation process with precise temperature regulation.

With a continuous supply of samples from the beginning to the end of testing, the KMF climate chambers from BINDER provide a complete solution that reduces disruptive fluctuations and improves reproducibility.