Product News: The Aquarius Range of UV/Visible Double Beam Spectrophotometers, for Use in Biopharmaceutical Analyses

04 Jun 2018

Biopharmaceutical analyses typically involve the use of sophisticated techniques, such as mass spectrometry, capillary electrophoresis and nuclear magnetic resonance. However, there is also a place for a simpler technique, such as UV/Visible spectrophotometry.

Within the field of biopharmaceutical development and production, UV/Visible spectrophotometers may be used to determine quantity of some of the raw ingredients of cell cultures; the growth rate of cell cultures; the degree of some antibody drug conjugations; synthetic oligonucleotide estimation; pre-clinical quality control and clinical testing, of some associated active pharmaceutical ingredients; second‐order UV/Visible derivatives; checks on the presence of some contaminates and impurities; some monoclonal antibody binding; estimates of some degradation products and antibody fragments and, some dye and receptor binding.

Cecil Instruments offer four different models within their trusted Aquarius range of spectrophotometers.

The range includes spectrophotometers with pharmacopoeial compliance, wavelength ranges between 190 to 1,100 nm, bandwidths, both fixed and variable, from 0.5 to 4 nm and DataStream PC control options.  High performance wavelength scanning, multiple wavelength analyses, calibration curves and spectral derivatives are available.

These multi-lingual double beam spectrophotometers may be operated in a choice of six languages.  They provide superb performance, have powerful instantly expandable ESEF software and may be fully accessorised with nano cells for low microlitre volumes. Code protected, user-created methods are effortlessly added.

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