Product News: Tecan’s Clever Tip Packaging Saves on Space and Waste

12 Oct 2009

Tecan’s nested disposable tips for the MultiChannel Arm™ 96 (MCA 96) are now routinely used by the In vitro Enzymology and Drug-Drug Interaction Group at Roche, Switzerland, offering significant space and waste savings compared to conventional disposable tips. In combination with the team’s Freedom EVO® workstations, these new tips allow significantly increased throughput, enabling greater assay speed and flexibility.

Nested MCA 96 disposable tips require less storage space than conventional non-nested disposable tips, allowing 3840 disposable tips to be loaded into one Te-Stack™ column, giving a four-fold increase in tip capacity on the system over conventional tips. In addition, using nested disposable tips also means the group generates far less waste than before, saving on waste disposal costs. This makes a real difference for the In vitro Enzymology and Drug-Drug Interaction laboratory, which consumes around 900,000 disposable tips annually.