Product News: Tecan to Showcase Latest Range Liquid Handling Platforms, Detection Systems and OEM Components at AACC 2010

19 Jul 2011

Visitors to the Tecan booth will be able to see liquid handling solutions for clinical applications, including a demonstration of automated front-end, pre-analytical sample handling with the FE500pro™. Also on display will be the Freedom EVOlyzer® ELISA processing workstation, the Freedom EVO® bioassay multiplexing workstation integrating Luminex® Corporation’s innovative xMAP® technology, the Infinite 200 PRO multimode microplate reader and the Hydroflex™ 3-in-1 plate washer and the new Infinite® F50 8-channel absorbance reader for fast and reproducible ELISA measurements. A selection of OEM liquid handling solutions aimed at diagnostic instrument providers will also be on show, including the state-of-the-art Cavro® brand pumps and Omni pipetting robot.

Whether you work in a laboratory and are planning to automate an application, or you are a diagnostics company seeking an OEM partner to provide you with automation, Tecan’s specialists will be available to assist you.