Product News: Tecan releases Freedom EVOware 2.0

11 Apr 2007

Tecan has launched the latest version of its easy-to-use, intuitive Freedom EVOware® software, designed to control and enhance the performance of the Freedom EVO® series of liquid handling platforms.

Freedom EVOware version 2.0 contains many new features that offer substantial improvements in user-friendliness, error handling, scheduling and throughput. Freedom EVOware is available in two configurations: Freedom EVOware Standard, the script-based option for simple and intuitive control of the Freedom EVO; and Freedom EVOware Plus, which combines pipetting and advanced dynamic scheduling in a single package.

Performance of the Freedom EVO is enhanced by smoother robot moves, automated replenishment of disposable tips, and faster disposable tip pick-up, increasing throughput and walkaway time. The scheduler in Freedom EVOware Plus allows several processes to be grouped into methods, making it quicker to start multiple processes together, and learns from the time taken for each move, using this information to increase throughput. Processes can also be conditionally started so that incubation times can be extended based on a measurement or calculation.

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