Product News: Tecan Offers New Innovation at LabAutomation 2011

24 Jan 2011

Tecan will be demonstrating some of its latest innovations in liquid handling and detection on booth # 305 at the LabAutomation 2011 Exhibition in Palm Springs, California, from January 29 to February 2.

This year’s exhibition will see the expansion of air displacement technology (ADT) pipetting solutions onto the Cavro® Omni Robot, complementing the Company’s premium liquid displacement technology to offer the best of both worlds for automated liquid handling. Other workstations on display will include a platform offering fully automated library preparation for next generation sequencing and a system for automated sample weighing using the new Freedom EVOware® Weigh Station Wizard software, as well as products used for high throughput screening in drug discovery research.

Tecan will also be showcasing some exciting new products for cell-based applications, with the launch of the HydroSpeed™ plate washer – for optimized washing of cells, beads and antibody-coated microplates for ELISAs in 96- and 384-well formats – and a Gas Control Module (GCM™) for the Infinite® 200 PRO multimode reader, allowing regulation of oxygen or carbon dioxide levels within the reader chamber for the first time.

As always, you will also be able to see Tecan instruments in operation on the booths of several other exhibitors – such as ARTEL, Miltenyi Biotec and V&P Scientific – and Tecan will be hosting several workshops and user meetings, including a discussion on technologies for dose­response assays.

Join Tecan at booth 305 to learn more about the latest systems and technologies on offer.