Product News: Tecan Launches Innovative HydroSpeed™ Plate Washer

25 Jan 2011

Tecan has developed the HydroSpeed™ plate washer, an advanced system for optimized washing of cells, beads and ELISAs in 96- and 384-well formats. It offers full control over critical wash parameters via an intuitive touchscreen interface, with extra gentle drop-wise dispensing and tunable aspiration settings to help avoid loss of material and maximize assay efficiency.

The HydroSpeed features advanced Cell Protection™ settings for washing of adherent and loosely adherent cells, allowing the user to dial-in extra gentle wash parameters to suit their cells, microplates and application. The system’s innovative Anti­Clogging™ function takes the hassle out of ELISA washing by automatically rinsing and soaking the wash head when the system is idle between runs, and the instrument’s Easy X-change system allows rapid removal and replacement of wash heads for intense ultrasonic cleaning. The HydroSpeed uses a patent pending design with two magnets per well for high performance magnetic bead washing, offering fast bead settling and excellent recovery rates, and can also be equipped with a vacuum filtration module for processing of non-magnetic beads.

The HydroSpeed can be used in conjunction with Tecan’s Connect™ plate stacker for greater throughput efficiency, allowing semi-automated processing of up to 50 plates, or integrated into a Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform to offer fully automated processing for cell-, bead- and ELISA-based assay workflows.