Product News: Tecan announces launch of rapid viral and pathogen characterization RNA-Seq library preparation

08 Dec 2020

Tecan has launched the Revelo RNA-Seq kit, offering end-to-end processing of human samples to enable complete viral RNA-Seq library preparation – including library quantification – in a single day. This kit has been developed specifically to address the pathogen detection and characterization challenges currently faced by laboratories around the world, and is ideally suited to NGS library preparation from low input, patient-derived sample types, such as nasal swabs. 
Revelo RNA-Seq offers a user-friendly solution for cost-effective, same-day library preparation by combining an enhanced version of Tecan’s SPIA® (Single Primer Isothermal Amplification) technology with the company’s unique, fluorescence-based NuQuant® library quantification. Optimized to provide high sensitivity for degraded or low copy number viral RNA in human samples, it allows rapid, sensitive identification and characterization of pathogens. This new kit has already been rigorously tested with a range of patient-derived samples containing pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory diseases. The  automation-friendly kit has also been implemented on Tecan’s DreamPrep™ NGS workstation to offer a complete, automated solution for walkaway processing, helping to increase throughput and efficiency in busy labs. 
Klaus Lun, Executive Vice President and Head of the Life Sciences Business Division at Tecan, commented: “The Revelo RNA-Seq kit was developed in response to an urgent need for faster, easier pathogen library preparation from low copy number or degraded sample types, such as nasal swabs. Optimized for enhanced human rRNA depletion, the kit offers ‘SPIA with a boost’ to ensure better sensitivity and reduced sequencing costs.”

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