Product News: TA Instruments Introduces New High Sensitivity Pressure Cell for the ARES-G2 Rheometer

08 Jan 2019

TA Instruments has introduced a new High Sensitivity Pressure Cell for their ARES-G2 Rheometer. This unique accessory enables scientists to perform sensitive viscoelastic measurements under controlled atmospheric pressure and temperature and for the first time, gain detailed understanding of complex fluid behavior in complex environments. 

Many materials are processed or used at temperatures that are near or above their atmospheric boiling point; applying elevated atmospheric pressure is an effective way to suppress this boiling. While pressurized devices for rheometers are relatively common, existing devices employ mechanical bearings that impede measurements of very low viscosity fluids, and especially the accurate determination of viscoelastic properties that describe a material’s elasticity, ability to support dispersed phases, and many other traits that are important to industrial suitability and consumer perception. Such conditions are especially important in the fields of oil recovery and food processing. 

The High Sensitivity Pressure Cell is designed to integrate with new or existing ARES-G2 rheometers to provide an easy-to-use system for these important measurements. Commenting on the development, Russell Ulbrich, VP of Product Management, said, “Our customers understand that accurate viscoelastic measurements are important for quicker problem solving and better product development. We are excited to extend the industry-leading measurements of the ARES-G2 to this challenging set of environmental conditions so more scientists can benefit from the insights that these measurements bring.”

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