Product News: TA Instruments Introduces New Discovery Thermal Suite

The new instruments feature superior performance without lengthy pre- and post-test manipulations, in a user-friendly, high productivity package

22 Feb 2017

TA Instruments is pleased to announce the new Discovery Thermal Analysis Suite. This suite of industry performance leading products includes:  the Discovery DSC 2500, 250, and 25 introduced last year at Pittcon, the Discovery TGA 5500, 550, & 55 introduced in August 2016, and the brand-new Discovery SDT 650 (Simultaneous DSC-TGA). 

The entire suite shares a host of significant common innovations, including a new app-style touch screen, powerful new TRIOS software, a robust and reliable autosampler, and automated calibration and verification routines that work seamlessly to dramatically improve laboratory work-flows and productivity. 

The newest member of TA’s best in class Thermal Analysis product family is the Discovery SDT 650.  A simultaneous DSC-TGA that measures the change in energy as a function of time and temperature, while simultaneously measuring sample weight changes. With a temperature range of ambient to 1500°C; a wide variety of materials can be characterized on the SDT 650, exceling in both research and production control environments.

The Discovery SDT 650 comes standard with TA innovations such as: Hi-Res TGA™ for the most efficient separation of overlapping weight losses; Modulated TGA™ for the fastest determination of kinetic parameters; and Modulated DSC® for the easiest and most accurate determination of heat capacity.

The Discovery 650 delivers unmatched productivity with a new 30 position autosampler that ensures both calibrations and experiments can be scheduled and run unattended over the wide temperature range.

The Discovery TGA 5500, 550, and 55 measure sample weight changes under controlled conditions of temperature, time, and atmosphere. They are used to characterize the thermal stability and composition of a wide range of materials including polymers, elastomers, composites, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and inorganics. The Discovery DSC 2500, 250, and 25 measure change in energy of a sample as a function of time and temperature. They are used for a wide range of applications, including material science, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and studies of biomaterials. They both excel in research environments and production control processes.

Backed by the industry’s only 5 year cell and furnace warranty as well as TA’s expert worldwide service and applications organization the new Discovery Thermal Suite is the perfect choice for any laboratory.

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