Product News: Sysmex Europe launches CE-IVD-marked flow cytometer XF-1600

New instrument offers clinical flow cytometry laboratories robust and reliable immunophenotyping

12 Apr 2022

Sysmex Europe, a provider of automated workflow solutions in the disciplines of hematology, urinalysis, and hemostasis, has announced the launch of its Flow Cytometer XF-1600 which has received CE marking, indicating its compliance with the European IVD Regulation and IVD use.

Following the preceding launch of the Sample Preparation System PS-10, this now marks the next milestone in establishing a complete solution for flow cytometry laboratories to help them automate and optimize their workflow for a new level of efficiency. Visitors will be able to see the XF-1600 at the EuroMedLab exhibition in Munich, Germany, 11 – 13 April 2022.

XF-1600 – increased efficiency and confidence for clinical laboratories

Sysmex’s new Flow Cytometer XF-1600 offers clinical flow cytometry laboratories a robust, high-performance 10-colour analyzer for highly efficient and reliable data collection for immunophenotyping.

Utilizing a fluidics design proven in Sysmex’s established XN-Series hematology analyzers, the XF-1600 offers comparable robustness and consistently stable and smooth data acquisition via an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Like Sysmex’s other diagnostic devices and solutions, the XF-1600 flow cytometer demonstrates reliability essential for clinical laboratories which cannot afford to have downtime and is backed by the quality service laboratories expect from a global leader in diagnostic laboratory solutions.

The new instrument has received its CE-marking, meaning it complies with the EU Regulation 2017/746 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices, which allows the use for IVD purposes.

Sysmex Europe will launch the system in specific designated countries of the EMEA region. The instrument will be on display from 11–13 April 2022 at the company’s booth no. 207 in hall C1 at the EuroMedLab exhibition in Munich, Germany.

The next milestone in offering a complete flow cytometry solution

With the introduction of the XF-1600, Sysmex has reached the next milestone in offering a complete solution for flow cytometry laboratories. Using a common rotor for sample tubes across all devices, together with the Sample Preparation System PS-10 and the Rotolavit II-S cell wash centrifuge, the XF-1600 contributes to automating and simplifying the entire process of antibody staining, incubation, and flow cytometry analysis, while ensuring a new level of confidence in the results produced. Highly trained operators no longer have to handle individual sample tubes multiple times or spend hours manually pipetting, leaving valuable time for more complex activities.

With nearly 200 CE-IVD antibody reagents to complement the devices, Sysmex is now able to offer a reliable immunophenotyping solution from specimen reception to reporting results.

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