Product News: Symyx Technologies Releases New Version of Symyx Software Discovery Notebook

10 Jan 2007

Symyx Technologies, Inc. today announced the release of Symyx Software Discovery Notebook version 4.0. Using the Symyx Discovery Notebook, chemists in pharmaceutical discovery research can plan, record and analyze research, experiments and procedures more efficiently and effectively than with traditional paper lab notebooks.

Discovery Notebook is one of a series of Symyx Software offerings which include electronic lab notebook (ELN) applications tailored to meet the specific needs and protocols of chemists in the discovery, process, analytical, formulations and bioprocess functions. The latest version of Discovery Notebook features an easy-to-use interface for single and parallel experimentation, an advanced software developer kit (SDK), extensive searching and browsing capabilities and a pre-loaded reaction template database containing 30,000 transformations.

“This new version of our Discovery Notebook represents the successful integration of several key acquisitions that Symyx has made,” said Paul Nowak, chief operating officer of Symyx Technologies. “This product is uniquely designed to integrate easily into users’ existing systems so they can leverage their current resources, allowing for increased productivity, enabling better data collection and use, and providing more opportunities to make breakthrough discoveries. Our reaction template database ensures that scientists are able to get value right away from Symyx Software, without having to wait one to two years, the typical time it takes before a company’s internal database reaches critical mass.”

Discovery Notebook version 4.0 features enhanced searching and browsing capabilities. Utilizing a multi-variable search window the new version includes a powerful search panel that allows scientists to search within sets of prior results and a multi-panel layout eases browsing through experiment data. New usability enhancements include improved scientifically accurate calculator capabilities, drag and drop functionality, icon-based entry for facile data capture and additional experiment property tabs that allow users to capture and configure experiment metadata. Another key new feature of version 4.0 is the inclusion of a software developer kit that allows organizations to create custom forms such as a registration interface.

The Discovery Notebook is one software solution in a family of Symyx Electronic Lab Notebooks. Symyx ELN software features specialized, application-specific interfaces to support discovery, process, analytical, formulations and bioprocess functions. The Symyx Discovery Notebook is designed to enable chemists to use prior experience, develop new methods, access relevant information and integrate into critical systems to be more efficient and effective.

Discovery Notebook 4.0 is based on the Symyx Vault ELN document management platform, also used in other Symyx notebook products. Symyx Vault provides a single, comprehensive platform for ELN documents that can span the entire R&D organization, supporting document browsing and searching, enterprise-level security and auditing, and configurable and highly flexible document workflow. Discovery Notebook version 4.0 is now available for deployment.