Product News: Sterilize Small and Tall Items with C60 Top Loading Laboratory Autoclaves

21 Nov 2018

The versatile compact C60 top-loading laboratory autoclave from autoclave manufacturer Priorclave has a 60 litre chamber yet requires just 472 x 620mm of floor space.  It’s the ideal general lab or research autoclaves for laboratories looking to process tall items such as fermentors and large capacity Erlenmeyer flasks or they have a high-density load requirement but have limited floor space.

  1. Electrical heating elements contained within the actual chamber.  This provides for faster and more efficient build-up of high-temperature, pressurised sterilising steam.  It makes the C60 top-loading autoclave ideal for either continuous or periodic sterilising requirements, a very cost-efficient autoclave achieving lower operations costs.  The latest datasheet shows the overall capabilities of this compact top-loading autoclave.
  2. Access to the sterilising chamber is via the patented Quickseal single-action door closure/opening mechanism.  Suited to one handed operation, the mechanism incorporates thermal and pressure locks preventing opening at unsafe temperatures and pressure to prevent personal injury.
  3. Loading capability of the C60 from Priorclave enables it to easily accommodate ten one-litre or sixteen 500ml bottles, alternatively six one-litre Erlenmeyer flasks.
  4. The compact, C60 top-loading autoclaves is fitted with castors, enabling it to be moved easily when required and the fact that it simply plugs into a 13A socket it is easy and fast to install.

Designed and built by one of the UK’s leading autoclave manufacturers, the compact C60 autoclave is available as standard or with a vacuum facility.  With total control over production, Priorclave is able to add to a basic model, introducing components from an extensive list of options and accessories.  This ensures the tailored autoclave will be the ideal match for your sterilising requirements. 

Programming of the sterilising set-up of time and temperature as well as selection of special features such as free‐steaming and media warming is through easy a push-button interface on the advanced Tactrol® microprocessor control system. Features such as free steaming can improve air removal in difficult loads and/or reduce temperature lag between the load and the autoclave, reducing process time at higher temperatures.  It also incorporates a media warming feature that cycles the temperature between approximately 45ºC to 55ºC once the factory pre‐set temperature of 45ºC has been reached.  This continuous until the door is opened, allowing nutrient media, for example, to be held as a liquid until it is needed, especially when used along with the delayed start function.

Buy Priorclave autoclaves in the knowledge that every care has been taken to build robust machines with a superior exterior finish to body panels and frames preventing potential for cross-contamination within laboratories.

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