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Product News: Sophion and Scottish Biomedical announce ion channel cell line

12 Sep 2008

Sophion Bioscience and Scottish Biomedical announced today at the Ion Channel Targets conference that they have signed an agreement regarding ion channel cell lines. The agreement will give Sophion and Scottish Biomedical the right to provide cell lines optimized for the QPatch, Sophion’s automated patch clamp systems for the ion channel drug discovery and safety pharmacology.

“With this agreement with Sophion, we acquire a larger exposure to the market with our high quality ion channel cell lines,” said Morag Nelson, Business Development Manager at Scottish Biomedical, and she continues, “The combination of our multisubunit cell lines and Sophion’s ability to optimize them for QPatch experiments is a very promising collaboration.”
Dr. Morten Sunesen, Sophion’s Director of Customer Relations, added, “In line with our strategy of providing complete solutions for automated patch clamp, Sophion has further expanded its collaboration with an internationally leading ion channel cell line supplier. We are convinced that the pharmaceutical industry will benefit greatly from this agreement with Scottish Biomedical.”
In the near future Sophion’s QPatch 16 and QPatch HT automated patch clamp systems can be upgraded to allow for screening of cell clones and selection of the best cell clone for propagation. This feature is expected to further improve the quality of cell lines used for ion channel drug discovery and safety pharmacology – and eventually result in more and better drugs – faster.