Product News: Sophion and ChanTest announce ion channel cell line collaboration at the 6th Annual Ion Channel Retreat

24 Jun 2008

Today, Sophion Bioscience and ChanTest Corporation announced a landmark agreement regarding ion channel cell lines for ion channel drug discovery and safety testing at the 6th Annual Ion Channel Retreat. Under the terms of this agreement, Sophion has the right to provide ion channel cell lines from ChanTest that are optimized for Sophion’s QPatch automated patch clamp systems.
“We are thrilled to partner with Sophion in the process of optimizing the automated patch clamp world,” said Dr. Arthur “Buzz” Brown, CEO of ChanTest. “The combination of our extensive ion channel cell line library and Sophion’s QPatch systems is new and has the potential to revolutionize the drug discovery process.”

Dr. Morten Sunesen, Sophion’s Director of Customer Relations, added, “A critical aspect of a thriving QPatch assay relates to having optimized cell lines. This partnership between Sophion and ChanTest allows Pharma and Biotech groups in the ion channel drug discovery industry to quickly get usable data with a great variety of ion channel cell lines.”