Product News: Solentim wins New Product Award at SLAS 2021

29 Jan 2021

Solentim has won a New Product Award from the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS), announced at SLAS Digital 2021. Solentim achieved this award with the launch of its new ICON™ and STUDIUS™ technologies.

ICON is the world’s first benchtop system for characterizing high productivity clones in cell line development. Using rapid assays for the three critical quality attributes of titer, cell number and cell viability, ICON assesses cell productivity to enable characterization of leading candidates. STUDIUS is Solentim’s proprietary software platform delivering unparalleled data on the journey of each individual cell, controlling, managing and reporting on cell line development processes to enable smarter decision making earlier.

Together, these two new technologies mark the launch of Solentim’s new, all-encompassing solution for cell line development. In combination with the company’s existing VIPS™ and Cell Metric® instruments, ICON and STUDIUS complete the creation of a secure cell line development ecosystem.

Mark Truesdale, CEO, Solentim, commented: “We’re delighted with the award and SLAS’s recognition of the value of ICON and STUDIUS. The launch of these products completes a ten-year journey to redesign the cell line development workflow and the start of a new generation of laboratory practices. With our instruments and technologies, scientists can enjoy accelerated, assurance rich workflows as they design the medicines of tomorrow. Thanks to SLAS for arranging this year’s event digitally.”

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