Product News: Solentim launches ICON™ and STUDIUS™ to help accelerate new biologics workflows

25 Jan 2021

Solentim has launched two new solutions to enhance the development of therapeutic antibodies.

ICON™ is a benchtop system for the rapid stratification of high productivity clones and STUDIUS™ is a proprietary software platform that delivers unparalleled data on each cell’s journey through cell line development. 

The all-in-one ICON system assesses specific productivity using rapid on-board assays for the three critical quality attributes of titer, cell number and cell viability. Using plate-based imaging for static plate cell counting and cell suspension automated cell counting with viability for fed-batch, ICON generates normalized cell productivity data. This information enables cell line development scientists to separate the promising clones from the rest, saving resources and accelerating workflows. 

STUDIUS is Solentim’s bespoke data management solution for cell line development. The over-arching platform is designed for Solentim’s instruments to provide control, management and reporting in the pursuit of lead candidates. STUDIUS delivers an unparalleled perspective on the journey of each individual cell, from seeding to selection, and intelligently manages verified information from multiple sources to enable scientists to select high value cells. Importantly, STUDIUS protects data, providing data auditing and integrity with a suite of tools applicable for laboratories working under 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Using the novel HISTORYTREE™ visualization, STUDIUS maps each cell’s journey, presenting all the necessary cell data for regulatory approval in one report. 

Dr Mark Truesdale, CEO, Solentim, said: “Our cell line development ecosystem of instruments – Cell Metric®, VIPSTM and now ICON – provides the optimal workflow solution for seeding, growing and selecting the highest value cells with quality evidence of assurance of clonality. Our protected ecosystem ensures data integrity, and our data-driven reporting prepares you for regulatory approval from day one.”

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