Product News: Simple liquid handler adjustments yield superior results

Tutorial video now available

17 Mar 2021

Automated liquid handlers (ALHs) employ default settings provided by the manufacturer which provide a baseline for working with multiple reagent types. While this offers convenience, utilizing the “methods” function of the ALH to make simple tweaks will result in superior delivery performance and greatly improved assay results.

Artel has expanded its “Scientist to Scientist” video series with a tutorial on how to create liquid handler methods customized for the assays being run. Dr. Keith Albert, senior applications scientist, commented, “This video demonstrates how I’ve assisted a number of labs tune in their liquid handlers. Utilizing liquid class settings to adjust and improve transfers makes a significant difference in performance.” 

In the video, he walks the viewer through the process of creating a liquid handler method. Using an actual data set to illustrate, he makes adjustments, explains the rationale behind using them and shows the subsequent improvements in delivery accuracy and repeatability. Utilizing this built-in capacity of liquid handlers is shown to yield enormous improvements in assay data.

Watch the video: Adjusting pipetting variables to optimize methods>>