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Product News: SilTite® μ-Union Connectors Stay Connected Under Pressure

29 Apr 2016

Press-fit style connectors work well for many applications, but the connector seal can be broken by extreme temperature and pressure cycling. In these situations, SilTite® μ-Unions are a better alternative as they create a permanent connection between fused silica analytical columns, guard columns, and retention gaps. SilTite® FingerTite technology provides easy installation and a reliable, leak-tight connection. Data quality can be improved by using these connectors because their zero-dead-volume design and deactivated metal construction ensure optimal peak shapes.

Robust SilTite® μ-Unions are recommended for mass spectrometry work and any application with extreme temperature and pressure changes. Connector kits are available in six configurations that are designed to securely connect columns of either the same or different inner diameters. Each kit contains two SilTite® μ-Union connectors, five double-taper ferrules, and installation tools.