Product News: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics’ Clinitek Advantus Analyser Delivers the Next Generation of Urinalysis Testing Technology

01 May 2008

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has launched the Clinitek Advantus™ urine chemistry analyser, the newest member of the Clinitek® family of urine analysers.

The Clinitek Advantus analyser enables automated reading of Siemens’ Multistix® family of urinalysis testing strips in medium to high throughput settings. In today’s busy laboratory environment, dependable solutions are critical to providing the level of service that the hospital and/or laboratories demand. Siemens’ laboratory urinalysis portfolio provides options for productivity solutions that help meet those challenges, with high-quality test results.

The Clinitek Advantus Analyser is a highly productive, semi-automatic urine chemistry analyser that can perform up to 500 tests per hour. The enhanced analyser is network-ready and delivers improvements such as the ability to consolidate microscopic test results. Technicians can enter results using the analyser’s touch screen or PC keyboard. The analyser has enhanced quality control capability and automatically prompts technicians to perform QC testing.

The unit includes QC lock-out and a simple one-touch operation allowing users to switch between different test configurations. Consolidated reports, including off-line urine microscopy test results, can be printed and/or transmitted to laboratory or healthcare information systems.

Siemens’ Clinitek Advantus Urine Chemistry Analyser is a high performance chemistry analyser that requires no warm-up or calibration. The analyser features an immediate start-up mode to streamline operations and its automatic calibration improves analytical accuracy. The system maintains a high throughput of seven seconds per sample to boost laboratory productivity. In addition, the system offers three user-defined sieve functions which automatically flag abnormal results and identifies samples requiring follow-up testing.

A handheld bar-code reader is used to identify sample, colour and clarity values to minimize errors, and a large memory capacity stores 500 patient results for convenient data retrieval. The analyser’s memory stores an additional 200 control results for regulatory documentation and an easily replaceable program card quickly updates the unit’s software to maintain state-of-the-art functionality.

The Clinitek Advantus analyser delivers flexible reporting options including visual display and printout or uploading to a laboratory information system. Its network-ready capability means that results can be shared. The system uses Siemens’ Multistix family of reagent test strips with test pads for Leukocytes, Protein, Glucose, Blood, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Nitrite, and pH, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Creatinine and Protein to Creatinine Ratio for urine chemistry analysis.