Product News: Selvita Licenses Cresset’s Computational Tools for SAR Analysis and Ligand-Based Design

02 Sep 2014

Cresset, innovative provider of computational chemistry software and services, is pleased to announce that Selvita S.A., a drug discovery company located in Krakow, Poland, has licensed Cresset’s Forge and Spark . These applications provide extensive capabilities in SAR analysis, ligand-based molecular design and bioisosteric replacement.

Dr. Mariusz Milik, Head of Computational Chemistry at Selvita says “We are currently focused on target based design, however, as requirements of our projects change, we need to include ligand based approaches in the methods we use. We anticipate using Cresset’s software as a key component in our discovery chemistry capabilities”

“At Cresset we are delighted to see growth in the emerging drug discovery market of Central and Eastern Europe,” says Dr David Bardsley, Cresset’s Commercial Director. “Both Forge and Spark will enhance Selvita’s chemistry capabilities. The Spark reagent databases will enable them to inform synthetic decisions, whilst Forge will give control and insight into their activity data enabling them to plan the direction of their projects with confidence.”