Product News: See Colonies in a Whole New Light!

24 Oct 2008

The new ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station from UVP is configured with multiple light sources for illuminating colonies. An integrated digital color camera captures high resolution colony images. The easy to use process enables accurate and automated colony counting.

Alex Waluszko, Vice President for Marketing and Sales at UVP states, “The automated, software-controlled design of the ColonyDoc-It station allows users to quickly and easily accelerate research, quality documentation and clinical studies while ensuring accurate colony counting results.”

The white light and fluorescent sources visualize a wide array of bacterial, yeast and mold colonies with samples found in air, water, food and cosmetics. The blue light is used for colonies stained with green fluorescent protein (GFP). Doors (detachable and not shown) create a darkroom environment when imaging colonies with GFP.

The system integrates a digital color camera which has exceptional 12.1 megapixel resolution for capturing the smallest colonies. The plate alcove accommodates a variety of plate types and sizes from 33-150mm. The compact design is perfect for limited lab space.

The software loads on the user’s computer to control the camera functions, image capture and colony counting. The software interface features an intuitive, easy to use layout with the ability to automatically count colonies with the touch of a button. Software parameters can be defined including color differentiation and filtered by group or size. Numerous software capabilities include split, merge, add and delete colonies. Colony sizes as small as 0.08mm can be identified. The software generates statistics and displays the most critical information about the colony area, perimeter, average diameter and circularity. The data is easily exported into Excel. Janelle Batman, UVP Product Manager, states, “The accurate count and statistical reporting functions enable researchers to immediately identify and determine experimental parameters that are critical for colony growth and inhibition.” The software supports 21 CFP Part 11 compliance.

UVP offers Installation Qualifications (IQ) and Operational Qualifications (OQ) documentation for on-site installation and operation of the ColonyDoc-It that will enable users to comply with FDA and other regulatory bodies.

For information on the ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station, contact UVP in the US at (800) 452-6788 or (909) 946-3197; in the UK at +44(0)1223-420022. Or visit the company article webpage.