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Product News: SCIEX collaborates with HighRes Biosolutions to bring customizable automation to the Echo MS system

28 Feb 2023

SCIEX has announced a new collaboration with HighRes Biosolutions, a company specializing in laboratory automation. Cellario™ software from HighRes Biosolutions adds automation benefits to the Echo® MS system, built on Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry technology from SCIEX. This combined offering aims to provide comprehensive and customizable workflows for high-throughput screening, HT-ADME and synthetic biology studies.

Cellario integrates all the devices and software within a laboratory, enabling scientists to customize and implement the best possible technologies to produce data and execute their work. It provides a single connection point for all data integration needs in a lab, meaning the lab’s asset base can grow without increasing in complexity. Customers with Cellario can connect to the Echo MS system and data collection software to help seamlessly manage large amounts of sample handling and analysis.

“The Echo MS system was built with flexibility in mind and meant to bolt on to any existing automation platform,” said Jose Castro-Perez, Senior Director of Market Development at SCIEX. “Our customers tell us that there is a need to incorporate more automation either fit for purpose or customizable to specific workflow needs. This collaboration provides the customizability and ability that customers seek.”