Product News: SCIEX and Protein Metrics join forces to meet AI and automation requirements

Digital transformation of the life sciences industry and a push towards precision medicine continues to drive the demand for data

06 Nov 2019

SCIEX a global leader in life science analytical technologies, has announced an extended partnership with Protein Metrics Inc., a premier provider of mass spectrometry software for protein characterization, to enable additional connectivity between the Protein Metrics software suite and SCIEX high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) systems.

The rapid advancement of data analysis requirements in the life sciences industry, in addition to a push for AI, machine learning and automation, has increased the demand for interconnected software products while minimizing manual data management. New integrations with the SCIEX X500 Systems, now available as part of Protein Metrics Byos® software, allow customers to use the tools of their choice while seamlessly moving between interfaces.

With this new partnership, SCIEX and Protein Metrics are seeking to create an open data analysis ecosystem that will allow biopharmaceutical companies to bring therapeutics to market quicker. Data analysis will also be possible in a wider variety of workflows than before.

SCIEX and Protein Metrics began integration over 4 years ago with the TripleTOF® 5600 and TripleTOF® 6600 LC-MS/MS Systems. Customers were able to track quality attributes for batches of therapeutic protein peptide maps, as well as characterize and quantify post-translation modifications and sequence variant.

Proud to build on this partnership, Eric Carlson, President and CEO of Protein Metrics, said, “We continuously strive to provide customers with advanced and improved functionality, and are proud to partner with SCIEX to serve our mutual customer base. By delivering on the needs users have voiced, we can assist to solve key challenges faced by the industry.”

Fraser McLeod, Vice President and General Manager for Software at SCIEX, adds, “This demonstrates our commitment to providing an open platform that enables researchers to use the processing software of their choice with our instruments. We look forward to continuing our collaborative partnership with new product launches.

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