Product News: Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) launches SLS Lab Pro gas and liquid nitrogen (LN2) generators

New line of SLS Lab Pro generators put laboratories in control of their gas and liquid nitrogen supplies

20 Jul 2021

Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS), the leading supplier of equipment, chemicals and consumables for laboratory use in the UK, has launched a new line of SLS Lab Pro gas and liquid nitrogen (LN2) generators, available exclusively in the UK and Ireland. This technology gives laboratories control over their gas and LN2 supplies and promotes sustainability by eliminating the need for cross-country transportation of gas canisters and Dewar flasks.

On-site generation of gas and LN2 has gained popularity in recent years, as more companies have decided to free themselves from having to rely on external suppliers. This issue has been further highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, with deliveries all over the globe being significantly delayed. On-site production also offers users the possibility to create just the right amount of gas or LN2 for their application, which is beneficial for sustainability.

The new SLS Lab Pro gas generators use the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technique to separate nitrogen, oxygen and water, producing high quality air and nitrogen gases for a wide range of applications. Gases are available at various flow rates, controlled through the latest HDMI touchscreen technology. This also enables real-time monitoring of gas production, ensuring that an efficient and consistent supply of gas is always available. The liquid nitrogen generator uses the same technique to create nitrogen gas that is subsequently liquified using a powerful cooling system, providing a steady and dependable supply of LN2.

Joshua Chapman, Marketing Director at SLS, commented: “SLS is always attuned to its customers’ needs, and is delighted to be the exclusive supplier of the SLS Lab Pro product range of gas generators – including nitrogen and air, hydrogen, oxygen and industrial gas – along with liquid nitrogen generators, GasTrap purifiers and turn-key options.”

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