Product News: Save time using automated analysis of chemotaxis assays

16 Jul 2020

In cooperation with MetaVi Labs, ibidi is launching FastTrack AI, an automated software solution that tracks and analyses chemotaxis data. Thanks to artificial intelligence, FastTrack AI helps you save time on your chemotaxis assays—there is no need for both manual tracking and fluorescence labeling.

After sample preparation and live cell imaging (e.g., using brightfield or phase contrast microscopy), scientists can simply upload their raw image data to the cloud and will get objective and reproducible results within minutes. When using FastTrack AI, even image stacks with optically bad quality can be automatically analyzed. Also, the migration of cells that undergo strong morphological changes, or that are out of focus, can be tracked on a single cell level.

Researchers can use FastTrack AI to not only analyze 2D and 3D chemotaxis assays with the ibidi µ-Slide Chemotaxis, but also apply the versatile software to customer-specific approaches. No additional hardware or software is needed, as FastTrack AI is a completely web-based analysis platform. Scientists can easily create their free FastTrack AI account at, and then test the performance with their own data.

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