Product News: Sample Decapping Automation Increases Productivity

24 May 2017

The FluidX™ IntelliXcap™ decapper from Brooks Life Science Systems is a novel, cost-effective, automated 96 tube format capper/decapper that allows for rapid switching between sample tube types reducing non-productive downtime.

Due to its unique interchangeable IntelliXcartridge™ system, the FluidX IntelliXcap™ accommodates all commercially available tubes. It is unlike other automated decapping systems which are designed for use with dedicated manufacturer brand sample tubes.

The proprietary self-release mechanism means cartridges can be exchanged in as little as 2 minutes, with a complete rack of 96 tubes being processed in 20 seconds, and allows efficient processing of mixed tube populations. With 96 individually electronic controlled cap drivers delivering the optimum torque for each tube, users can be confident of an effective seal every time.

Fitted with intelligent technology, IntelliXcap™ features a 12-laser light curtain which acts as a storage media detection sensor.  Thus, decapping failures can be quickly and easily identified, preventing damage to liquid handling systems during downstream processing.

The modular system has been designed for broad spectrum appeal, allowing users to add additional functionality as budget and workload dictate. This makes it an ideal solution for medium to high throughput laboratories.

 As a standalone system, IntelliXcap™ is quick and easy to install, with operation via a simple touch panel graphical interface.

The integration module features a common RS232 command set for incorporation with automated systems, reducing manual intervention, and minimizing interruptions to workflow.  In addition, the ability to track samples during processing can be achieved by means of a separate barcode module delivering full audit trail capabilities. 

Learn more about the FluidXTM IntelliXcapTM​ decapper in this video interview