Product News: Safe and Reproducible Liquid Distribution with Calibrex™ Bottle Top Dispensers

Socorex introduces new small-volume bottle-top dispensers

03 Mar 2016

The Calibrex™ bottle top dispensers are robust instruments with excellent chemical resistance. They come with a variety of features designed for performance handling of liquids from a large variety of bottles and flasks.

The Calibrex™ includes a volume setting with a spring-loaded sliding cursor that softly moves up and down along dual scale. Optional flow control stopcock for priming dispenser means that reagent is recycled without loss or contamination. Valves, plunger, barrel and delivery jet are removable in seconds for cleaning. Furthermore, they have a printed QR code for instant access to chemical resistance chart.

The range also includes two specialized models – the Calibrex™ organo 525 and the Calibrex™ solutae 530 – to select from according to the type of liquid used and the level of chemical resistance required. Each dispenser undergoes stringent quality control assessment, attested by an individual certificate.