Product News: Robust detection, quantification & purification of your protein tags

27 Oct 2020

Get ready for robust detection, quantification, and purification of your protein tags with PROGEN’s wide range of anti-tag antibodies against the most commonly used tags (His, DDDDK, GST, HA, myc, GFP & Strep). The high-affinity antibodies facilitate reliable detection and purification of tagged proteins for protein-protein interaction studies, posttranslational modification studies, and many more.

The use of recombinant proteins for cell biological studies including e.g. protein-protein interactions, posttranslational modifications, expression dynamics or localization has increased in recent years. To allow the analysis at the molecular level suitable tools including antibodies specifically targeting the protein of interest are needed but not always available. Therefore, a convenient molecular method is the fusion of known protein tags with high affinity to a specific ligand, to a recombinantly expressed protein.

PROGEN´s tag antibodies are available for the most commonly used protein tags, e.g. His-tag, GST-tag and many more. All of the tag antibodies bind with high affinity to the respective protein tag allowing robust and highly specific detection and purification. PROGEN´s tag antibodies are suitable for several applications including western blot (WB), immunofluorescence (IF), immunocytochemistry (ICC), immunoprecipitation (IP) and ELISA. 

All of the tag antibodies are available in different quantities including either 25µg or 100µg to allow you to choose what you really need for your experimental setup.

Key features:

  • Robust & highly specific detection, quantification & purification 
  • Available for the most commonly used protein tags (e.g. His-tag)
  • High affinity to the respective protein tag
  • Suitable for many applications (e.g.WB, IF, IP, and ELISA)
  • Available in different quantities (25µg & 100µg)  

Relevant applications: 

  • Protein-protein interaction studies
  • Posttranslational modification analyses
  • Expression dynamic studies
  • Localization studies
  • Detection & purification 
  • Western blot (WB)
  • Immunocytochemistry (ICC)/immunofluorescence (IF)
  • Immunoprecipitation (IP)

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