Product News: Revolutionary Smaller Size and Weight Yet High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

12 Mar 2019

By creating a 16-pound HPLC that measures 7.9x9.1x12.6-inches, Axcend Corporation has opened a new world of analytical chemistry use cases for scientists interested in UV-absorption nano-flow detection. The Axcend Focus LC also utilizes a unique, easy-to-use compact cartridge system with single or dual on-column detectors for easy set-up, operation and improved sensitivity. “Live” Axcend Focus LC demos slated for Pittcon 2019 in Booth #1538.

Axcend Corporation has announced it has begun shipping the Axcend Focus LC™ — a shoe-box-sized, high-performance liquid chromatograph the company believes has the potential to revolutionize the use and deployment of HPLC systems around the globe.

By taking an entirely new approach to designing and building an HPLC, the Axcend team (led by Axcend™ Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, Milton L. Lee, Ph.D.) de-coupled the on-column UV-absorption detectors from the Axcend Focus LC itself. The result is an HPLC that utilizes a compact, easy-to-use cartridge system to house its

• 150 µm internal diameter (ID) fused silica capillary columns and its 
• Single or dual on-column UV-absorption detectors,

while the Axcend Focus LC itself 

• Measures a mere 7.9x9.1x12.6-inches (20.1x23.1x32.0-centimeters), yet includes 
• Tiny waste and solvent vials housed inside the front panel of the HPLC, all while
• Tipping the scales at a lightweight 16.0 lbs. (7.26 kg). 

{NOTE: The company will conduct ‘live’ HPLC demonstrations of the Axcend Focus LC in booth #1538 at the Pittcon 2019 conference and exhibition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania next month (March 19—21, 2019).}

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“I have worked with both inventors and scientists during my 25- year tech career, but none surpass Dr. Lee for his forward-looking ideas for making liquid chromatography dramatically easier and more accessible by creating an HPLC with a swappable cartridge system,” said Glen Mella, Axcend CEO and Co-Founder. “The result is an instrument that allows scientists to ‘Take the Lab to the Sample™’ — a lightweight, portable system that can be used anywhere with minimal worry about transporting solvents or disposing of waste. The Axcend Focus LC truly means ‘HPLC Anywhere™.’”

Select Specifications for the Axcend Focus LC Up to 6,000 psi (410 bar) UV-Absorption Detectors (single or dual)

Intuitive and secure wireless / wired HPLC output and control of the Axcend Focus LC occurs through computers and iPads that support HTML5. As a portable system, the Axcend Focus LC is designed to allow over 10 hours of battery operation without charging, with over 2,000 charge/discharge cycles expected per battery. 
With its focus on portability and its utilization of nano-flow capillaries within a unique design construct, the Axcend Focus LC also delivers an unexpected benefit on the financial side of the ledger.

“While we expected greater sensitivity with the Axcend Focus LC than with other UV-absorption based HPLCs, we are also pleased with the dramatic drop in solvent use and the amount of waste produced,” Dr. Lee said. “On average, scientists need 1/500th of the solvents and generate 1/500th of the amount of waste with the Axcend Focus LC versus the solvent needs and waste production of traditional HPLCs. This translates into substantial financial benefits for Axcend Focus LC users, while also creating several important environmental advantages at the same time.”

Due to its small size and weight, as well as the dramatically lower requirements for solvent usage and waste disposal, the Axcend Focus LC can be used in locations not previously possible: from inside a laboratory fume hood to field deployment for environmental testing.

Initial units of the Axcend Focus LC have been shipped to the pharmaceutical, higher education, and aerospace industries, with shipments planned to the agricultural and energy industries, among others.