Product News: Reliable GC analysis of triglycerides in edible oils

New Rxi-65TG columns promise accurate, reliable GC analysis with excellent thermal stability

08 Oct 2019

New Rxi-65TG columns from Restek are designed for accurate, reliable analysis of triglycerides (acylglycerols) in edible oils.

Novel chemistry and cutting-edge manufacturing allow Rxi-65TG columns produce less bleed at a higher maximum temperature (370 °C). Less interference from column bleed means more accurate and sensitive detection of edible oil triglycerides—and more certainty in the results you report. In addition, higher temperature stability means consistent performance and longer column lifetimes with fewer column changes. Food testing labs will benefit from the reproducible retention times, robust inertness, stable baselines, and consistent column-to-column performance provided by low-bleed Rxi-65TG columns.

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