Product News: Reduce Biosafety Cabinet Energy Consumption

30 Jun 2010

NuAire® LabGard® ES and CellGard™ ES (Energy Saver) brand of Class II biological safety cabinets improve energy efficiency and laboratory safety. The cabinets also provide Experience Ergonomics™, providing a larger work zone, shorter reach, heavy duty armrest, unobstructed view, and ability to adjust working height to allow personnel to work comfortably and safely.

NuAire's cabinets feature Attenumont™ motor construction for noise and vibration reduction creating a user friendly environment. The CellGard™ ES NU-480 features a sliding window sash encased in a hinged frame that opens 30° to assist cleaning behind the sash. NuAire® even goes beyond the cabinet to provide adjustable footrests, ergonomic Biofit® chairs, foam armrest pads, elbow rests, and stainless steel turntables to reduce user fatigue.

Reduce energy consumption through the ultra-high efficiency DC-ECM motors and extended HEPA filter life. Even when personnel are away, NuAire's nitecare™ system helps conserve energy while maintaining a sterile work environment. Also, if you own an older NuAire biological safety cabinet you can save energy like the latest biosafety cabinets with a DC-ECM retro-fit kit.

Even NuAire’s Biological safety cabinet controls are easier than ever with the exclusive TouchLink™ color touch-screen LCD. TouchLink™ controls all cabinet functions: on/off blower; lights; outlet(s); timer functions (auto-schedule); filter life; and complete diagnostic functions for certified personnel. intelliflow™ airflow sensor technology powered by measurement solution company TSI® displays and controls real time airflow on the TouchLink™ screen.

NuAire® incorporates the HEPEX™ zero-leak airflow system in every cabinet to ensure performance and safety. The HEPEX™ system eliminates the possibility of cabinet leaks and guarantees uniform airflow and filter loading.

Greater Volume of Air Creates a Stronger Air Barrier. Air exchanges within the Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet occur 25 times per minute. This rapid air exchange system combined with an aerodynamic ergonomic air foil and larger access opening creates the strongest air barrier [personnel protection] of any biological safety cabinet.

With proper design, ergonomics, and improved laboratory safety, NuAire® is dedicated to providing a solid solution for your research needs. Contact NuAire® to get an in-lab consultation with a local, authorized sales representative today.