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Product News: Real-time PCR System qTOWER 2.0: Technology Combined with Striking Design

14 Aug 2015

Analytik Jena’s real-time PCR system qTOWER 2.0 not only wins over its modern design. It also allows a quantitative PCR in established 96 well format, thus providing an open platform for each kind of qPCR plastic ware from 0.2 mL single tubes to 96 well microplates.

In addition, the high-grade silver sample block of qTOWER 2.0 guarantees an outstanding temperature homogeneity of 0.2 °C over the entire block and is therefore ideal suited for any real-time PCR application with up to 6 fluorescent dyes. In combination with the available gradient function, an additional adaption to different assays becomes easily possible.

Furthermore the qTOWER 2.0 is equipped with a patented fiber optical shuttle system for optimal excitation and detection of a variety of known fluorescent dyes. Finally the PC based system contains a wide spectrum of optimized analysis tools including absolute and relative quantification, delta-delta Ct method, PCR efficiency, allelic discrimination, endpoint detection and protein determination.