Product News: Quality and Efficiency: contrAA® Enables Rapid Multi-Element Analysis at a Low Price

Analytik Jena’s contrAA allows analysis of every wavelength of every element thanks to its Xenon lamp

16 May 2016

Does your multi-element analysis with AAS take too long? Are the operating costs of your ICP too high? Analytik Jena has the solution: High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS) with the contrAA®! Thanks to a Xenon lamp as a radiation source, every wavelength of every element is available for analysis. Any number of elements can be combined in an analytical method. Using a fast high-resolution spectrometer and its CCD detector for spectrum representation, the contrAA® offers decisive advantages hitherto only available to ICP users – but at a fraction of the costs!

Non-sensitive secondary lines enable the direct measurement of high concentrations without time-consuming sample dilution. The high resolution of the spectrometer prevents spectral interference and since a typical multiple element analysis with the contrAA® only takes approximately three minutes, high sample throughput is guaranteed. Yet, the contrAA® is as easy to operate as a classic AAS. ContrAA® – the AAS of the 21st century from the technology leader in Jena!